The Residential Sound Insulation Program



The Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport) has initiated a voluntary Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP) to provide treatment of eligible properties to mitigate the effects of aircraft noise for properties surrounding Boston Logan International Airport (Logan).

Massport is beginning with a 10 home Pilot Program to establish the policy and procedures as well as treatment options for a full RSIP.


To be considered for participation in the Logan RSIP, a home must meet all the following criteria:

  • Located within the current 2020 Noise Exposure Map (to be updated periodically)
  • Sound insulated prior to 1993 OR has never been sound insulated by Massport and was built before 1998
  • Passes an acoustical test within interior noise level above 45 DNL



Acoustical treatments are improvements that reduce interior noise levels within living spaces. These treatments may include door and window replacements, weather-stripping, and air-conditioning at no out-of-pocket costs to the homeowner. The Logan RSIP will provide the architects, engineers, and contractors as well as the materials and labor to complete the sound insulation improvements.

Program improvements are limited to those that reduce aircraft noise levels in the home. Structural repairs, maintenance items, home renovation work, or weatherization needs that are not directly related to noise reduction are not part of the Logan RSIP.


The purpose of the Logan RSIP is to reduce the noise level inside your residence. The Program will provide modifications to your residence in compliance with federal and state guidelines.

Toward this end, the Logan RSIP strives to make you well-informed participants in the process and provide you with a range of choices for the best available acoustical applications for your home. Our Program goals are to:

  • Help mitigate noise impacts for homes located within the Day-Night Level (DNL) 65 dB contour
  • Reduce the interior noise level of eligible properties through installation of acoustically rated products and other treatments



Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport, owner and operator of Boston Logan International Airport (Logan))

Jones Payne Architects & Planners, Inc. (Jones Payne), Sound Insulation Consultant

Jones Payne has assisted with the facilitation and completion of sound insulation treatments in over 20,000 units of housing throughout the country.

The Logan RSIP Team will:

  • Meet with you to discuss the program and document existing conditions in your home
  • Prepare a concept treatment plan for your home, review the plan with you, and obtain your approval
  • Prepare construction documents for selection of a contractor
  • Effectively manage and diligently observe the construction work in your home from start to finish